Connecting a custom domain

DeskBase allows you to setup a custom domain for your site. Then people can find your site by typing something like

Enabling Custom Domains

When you first create a DeskBase site, you will create your site with a subdomain. This allows you to quickly get your site up and running and try DeskBase out.

Once you're ready to add your custom domain, you'll need to head back to Settings → General Settings (Gear Icon)

Add a CNAME Record

This will have to be done by a sysadmin or whoever manages your domain name.

In your domain name server (DNS) settings, add a CNAME record for (or whatever domain name you chose) that points to

One your DNS are fully propagated, your custom domain will be active and your site will be visible.

Why we turn on SSL

SSL will be turned on by default. This is simply because it is more secure. Any attempt to use your custom domain name using “http” will be redirected to “https”.